In Our Hands

We are given so many blessings during our lifetime, and yes, often it seems, even more than our share of heartaches as well, but no blessing is as great as when we are blessed to hold close to our hearts a wee tiny baby who has been given into our care to love and nurture. The love which they so willingly give to those who have shown them tenderness and warmth  is without reservation and boundless. They are so vulnerable and trusting  and totally dependent upon us.To betray that trust is surely amongst the greatest sins we can  perpetrate. And yet, every day there are children who are abused, abandoned, or denied the love which they so desperately need. How can this be ?

Every day we hear horrendous stories of how children are made to suffer by those  who have given them life. It seems the stories are increasing in numbers with each year that passes.  And yet we do so little to change this. What have we as a society become ? How can we possibly allow this to happen ? We revile the pedophile. We weep over the child who has been mistreated by a stranger. But what are we doing to safeguard the child who lives with terror within the walls of their own home ?  Society must find the answers. If the parent of that unfortunate child has become so depraved that they are capable of destroying their own flesh and blood and no one has paid attention then somewhere we as a society have failed. We have become so self involved that we can't make the time to see what is happening under our very noses. Whether because we are busy, or because we simply don't want to become involved in what  could be a messy situation, we turn away and refuse to see. And another child is alone to face God only knows what heartbreak and terror.

How can any human with an ounce of human decency look into the eyes of a tiny child and see the fear and desolation their wanton destruction of  that child's trust has created and do nothing? What kind of creature can take a precious baby and destroy their soul ? For to create only fear and  to deny love to a child does destroy the very core of that child. Even if they are taken from those who have been so heartless and cruel that scar will never totally be erased. It is burned into that child's psyche and will affect how they relate to others throughout their lifetime. No amount of understanding and love will ever replace the love that child so desperately sought from the one in whom they first placed their trust. There will always be a  dark empty space in their heart and their soul  created by those who first denied them that which was theirs by birthright.

 A greater sin ? I think not.

  I do exclude from such condemnation those poor hapless  mothers who are so ill that they are no longer capable of cognitive thought and yet are allowed to remain the custodian of their children when there should be  recognition of the fact  by more rational family members that  to leave children in their care even briefly, places them in unspeakable danger. Those mothers are condemned by society and punished for their actions but what action is taken to hold to account those who were so irresponsible or misguided and thoughtless that they would leave tiny children to the mercies of an otherwise loving mother who has lost her way  and is incapable of recognizing reality.  Surely the signs were there. Post Partum depression or other mental illness does send out signals to those who care enough to see. Such a condition does not occur overnight  and the indications the mother was in trouble should have been noted and addressed. The children are not the only victims  when tragedy strikes. That unfortunate mother is a victim as well.

 Babies do not ask for life. When we choose to give them life  that decision comes with  a commitment  to provide love, safety, and guidance to that child until such time as they become self sufficient and have reached maturity.  And that commitment does not only rest with the mother. The father shares that responsibility equally. To those who are thinking.. but it wasn't my choice, it was a mistake, I can only ask .. if you didn't wish to be a parent then why would you allow that child to be born. There were alternatives available to you and if your beliefs do not allow for that decision why  then did you not provide that child with a a family which would love them as every child deserves ? There are women who would give their lives to love a child and who, for whatever reason, are unable to fulfil that dream. How could you be so selfish and heartless as to deprive your child of a loving environment in which to grow up? It would cost you nothing and at the very least  it would give your baby a chance at a start in life which is their right.

I accept there are those who were never intended to be parents and there is no crime in feeling that way or in making that decision. You are however obliged to safeguard against conception if that is the case. Failure to do so does not provide an excuse for giving birth and then punishing the child because you failed to act responsibly. That child had no part in making the decision not to exercise due care to prevent such an occurrence. That one rests squarely on your shoulders.

 I recognize that my words sound judgmental and they are. A baby is utterly defenseless and helpless. A precious wee angel with no preconceived character traits or flaws. A blank slate if you will. What you write on that slate determines the adult they will become.  From the very moment they draw their first breath they are learning and absorbing knowledge and feelings which will be a part of them always. If you are incapable of writing anything other than obscenities on that slate then you have failed as a human being. Even an animal is better than that. 

Won't you please give that baby a chance and do what even you know is best for that child ? If you cannot find any love in your heart for your own flesh and blood  won't you please allow someone else to open their heart to that wee angel ? There is a loving home waiting for them.  It is only up to you to open the door. You will not only be doing the right thing for that baby , you will be giving a precious gift to  a family who will cherish that child as they so rightly deserve.  I am begging you, won't you please do what is right ?


A Crib of Stone

Lying upon a marble slab his little body oh, so cold
What causes him to lie in death, if only his story could be told
He is not the first, regretfully not the last
No child can be so bad in the short life that is past.

Dependent upon another for what he ate and wore
Brutally mistreated, his tiny body could take no more
Christ intervenes when parents forget their role
Mistreating a child of His, whose stories canít be told.

I look upon this baby, even in death its beauty shows
Marred by cruel hands, the recipient of many hateful blows
He never stood a chance In his short little life
Filled with such horror, all he knew was strife.

Oh God, how can anyone mistreat a little child
They give so much love in such a little while
Precious little babies, they cannot make it all alone
Neglect and abuse bring them to this slab of marble stone.


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August 16th 2005